Wet Industrial Rock Salt - egSalt™

Super Bright salt with no impurity and high concentrate of Sodium Chloride makes it ideal for a lot of chemical industries and other de-icing applications especially that it is safe on humans and animals.
Product  :  
                                 Industrial Ultra White  Crystals Halite Salt 
                                         according to Nacl  as sodium chloride content ( Min 98.5%  - 99% - 99.2% - 99.5%)
                                         according to Mouisture  as water content ( Max 0.9% - 1.3% - 2.0 % )

                                          Premium Road deicing salt - Chlor Alkali Industires - Textile industries - Oil driling salt - Food imdustry . 

                                          In bulk directly inside the ship 
                                          Packed in 50 Kg PP woven bags
                                          Packed in 1.5 MT Jumbo bags

                                            Up to 40, 000 MT/Monthly.

Delivery lead time:
                                            Ports Located in Red Sea : after 20: 35 days almost from acceptance of the LC.
                                            Ports Located in Mediterranean Sea : after 7: 15 days almost from acceptance of the LC.

Port of Loading:
                                       Ports  located on Red Sea  such as : El-Adabia port, Ain Sokhna port and Safaga Port .
                                          Ports located on the Mediterranean Sea such as :  Dekhila port , Alex port and Damietta  .

Min. Order: 5,000 MT in bulk and 500 MT in 50 kg bags.

Delivery Terms : FOB , CFR and CIF 
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We extracting our  rock salt from the Siwa Oasis, and Qattara in Western Desert of Egypt, which is characterized as high sodium chloride, which reaches more than 99.5% and the moisture percentage than 0.5 % , to1% with the production rates of up to one million tons a year.

- Our Benefits: 
• From our own salines to Overseas A : Z Organization . 
• Our own production 
• Reliable and fast delivery 
• The quality of salt 
• Different packaging’s of salt (25-50 kg bags; big bag and in bulk condition) 
• Integrated Payment Systems. 
• All granular size Available . 

We equipped with the latest machinery in the Egyptian market, which has enabled us to produce and export the highest quality product and corresponding to all international standard specifications under our determined quality control system , during that we were gaining the Precious trust of our clients and they start to expanding with their exclusive Brands. , deals with processing , packing of sea salt and rock salt, processed it is sold to Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian , Italian and Hungarian market.