Commercial Bulk Rock Salt

As the largest salt producer and exporters in Middle east , count on us to help you provide your customers with safer surfaces during harsh winter weather. Our extensive distribution network, coupled with our world-class customer service and our talented Logistics solutions  makes sure you receive your order promptly and accurately.
We can get salt to you by barge or vessel, so when you need salt, Overseas Trades delivers where and when it matters.

Halite ( ROCK SALT ) : 
Rock salt is the most cost-effective product available for removing snow and ice, keeping traffic and the economy flowing. It's easy to use, store and apply, and its effectiveness at keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear makes it the cornerstone in most snow removal programs. It can be used alone or with an additive, depending upon weather conditions.
Our rock salt is mined in Siwa , Egypt  - one of the  largest rock salt mine in the world - and in Qattara Depression , Egypt. with the production rates of up to 1 million metric  tons a year  , Our mines and depots are strategically located to provide superior service to our customers around the World and in the interior of Egypt 
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SOLAR SALT ( Marine Salt ) :
Solar salt, produced at Our Saline which located in Nature reserve Zaranik saline in north sinai ,  which is characterized as high sodium chloride, which reaches more than 98.5% and the moisture percentage  average 3:4 % with the production rates up to 300,000 metric  tons a year
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